Geothermal energy contract set to boost Glendale’s renewable portfolio by 11%

Whitegrass No. 1, pictured, a geothermal energy project in Nevada, will provide Glendale with 3 megawatts of renewable energy beginning this April. Another geothermal project being constructed by the same operator will provide the city with an additional 13.5 megawatts by April of next year. Together, the projects will boost the city’s renewable portfolio by about 11%. 
(Courtesy of GWP)
圖片是內華達Whitegrass No.1地熱能源項目。該項目從4月份開始會給Glendale提供3MW的再生能源。該項目運營商還在建設另一個地熱項目,從明年4月份開始也開始生產13.5MW。在這兩個項目的幫助下,Glendale的再生能源在能源結構占比中將提高11%左右。(GWP提供)

Glendale’s renewable-energy portfolio is slated to get a boost with the recent approval of a contract to purchase geothermal energy from a pair of projects — Whitegrass and Star Peak — located in Nevada.
On Tuesday, City Council members voted to enter into a 25-year contract with Open Mountain Energy that will eventually provide the city with 15.5 megawatts of geothermal energy annually. Glendale Water & Power officials said the energy would be delivered at a competitive price of about $67.50 to $70.25 per megawatt-hour.
Negotiated through Southern California Public Power Authority, or SCPPA, of which Glendale is a member, the deal was hailed by both city officials and environmentalists as a step toward meeting sustainability goals.
    Glendale的新能源占比在最近批準了Whitegrass和Star Peak項目地熱能源的采購后得到了提升。
    周二市議會投票批準了25年和OME的售電合同,后者將給城市每年提供15.5MW的地熱能源。Glendale Water & Power官方表示該能源的價格很有競爭力,在每兆瓦時67.5至70.25美元之間。Glendale通過南加州公用電力權力機構(SCPPA)進行了該合同的談判。市議會和環保人士都對此合同的批準表示歡迎,認為這是達到可持續發展目標的重要一步。

“We owe it to our residents and to the global environment to get off gas, carbon-based power, as soon as we can, and this is bringing something in right away,” Mayor Ara Najarian said shortly before the contract was approved.
All cities in California are required to rely on 100% clean energy sources by 2045, under state law.
By 2022-23, the projects are expected to kick Glendale’s renewable energy sources to 56% of its total energy portfolio.
About two years ago, the city’s energy portfolio was comprised of 36% renewable sources. That percentage was pushed up to about 45% this past December when council members voted to purchase a small share of a large forthcoming solar and battery storage project in the Mojave Desert known as Eland 1.
    在合同被批準之前,Ara Najorian市長說:“我們將它歸功于我們的住戶和全球環境。我們需要盡快地替代天然氣、碳的基礎電力,而這正是正確的方向”。
    在2年前,城市的再生能源比例為36%。去年12月,市議會投票在Majove Desert通過了Eland 1,后者是一個小型的太陽能和電池儲能項目。

Geothermal energy is derived by unleashing heat buried within the earth to create steam, which is then converted into electricity. Unlike solar and wind energy, geothermal can produce energy around the clock, said Mark Young, the utility’s deputy general manager.
“The geothermal contracts will provide clean and renewable generation 24 hours a day, fulfill Glendale’s needs as it increases its renewable portfolio and displaces the use of fossil fuels, and utilize valuable transmission infrastructure for its delivery to Glendale,” Luis Amezcua, a senior campaign representative with the Sierra Club, wrote in a letter to the council.
The Whitegrass No.1 project, located in Lyon County, Nev., will provide the city with 3 megawatts of geothermal energy annually for the duration of the contract beginning this April.
Glendale is slated to receive an additional 12.5 megawatts from the Star Peak Project, which will be constructed in Pershing County, Nev. It’s expected to begin delivering energy to Glendale in April of next year.
Both projects will cost the city about $8,577,500 annually, or $213,845,625 over the 25-year contract term, according to a city report. GWP estimates that the zero-carbon energy will reduce its carbon emissions by 52,600 metric tons per year.
    位于Lyon County的Whitegrass No.1項目從4月開始能夠每年為城市提供3MW的地熱能源。Star Peak位于Pershing County,預計從明年4月開始,每年生產12.5MW的地熱能源。城市每年會向這兩個項目支付8577500美元,在25年間總額為213845625美元。GWP預計該清潔能源會每年降低52600噸的碳排放。

Councilman Vrej Agajanian expressed concern that the market price for geothermal energy could drop in the next quarter century, pointing to falling solar energy prices. He added that technology could change during the contract term, possibly leaving the city with an outdated asset.
“This is a great project, but still I have [a] problem with the way it’s been set,” said Agajanian, who ultimately voted to approve the contract.
“Tomorrow, they will come up with some new ideas that we’re unaware of today,” he added.
Steve Zurn, the utility’s general manager, said prices for geothermal energy may rise as cities across the state increasingly seek out clean-energy sources to meet the state mandate. He added that geothermal energy has a scarcity factor because it can only be produced in some geographic areas.
Glendale is also in talks for a potential solar-energy contract for a project in Utah, according to officials.
    Vrej Agajanian議員表達了地熱能源市場價可能在接下來25年間走低的關切。他表示,技術可能在合同期有變革,而有可能給城市遺留下過時的資產?!斑@是個很好的項目,但我仍然對它的方式持保留意見?!辈贿^Agajanian議員最終還是投票批準了項目?!懊魈?,他們有可能有新想法——而我們目前是不知情的?!?br />     公用設施總經理Steve Zurn相反,認為地熱能源價格可能因為加州各城市逐步尋求清潔能源而上漲。他表明地熱能源有其稀缺性,因為它只能在一些特定的區域生產。

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